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2014 World Cup: Group A Scenarios


-Qualifies for the next round with a win or draw. They should qualify with a loss, as long as either Mexico or Croatia win. (However, if Croatia wins, and Brazil loses by 2 goals more than Mexico loses by, or 1 goal more while scoring 3 less (2 = drawing of lots), then they would be out.)

-Finishes first with a win, unless Mexico wins and makes up 2 in goal differential (again, the complex scenario comes in where Mexico finish first if they win by 1 more goal than Brazil, and score 3+ more, or 2 more and winning the drawing of lots).

-Finishes first with a draw if Mexico and Croatia draw



-In with a draw or win

-In a very unlikely scenario, they could advance if they lose. Mexico would need Brazil to lose by 2 goals more than they do (or 1 while Brazil scores 3 less goals— if Brazil scores 2 less, there would be a drawing of lots)

-Finishes first with a win and Brazilian failure to win, draw and Brazil loss, or win by 2 goals more than Brazil (or 1 goal more and score 3 goals more, 2 to draw lots)



-Advances with win

-Advances with draw and Brazil loss

-1st with win and Brazilian failure to win





Group B

Chile and Holland are the teams to advance in this group. Their head-to-head match will determine 1st place, with the Netherlands taking first unless Chile win.