Poland-Russia 0-1 At HalfTime—Every Group A Scenario after Czechs defeat Greece

Every team could still advance, or fail to advance. The Russians are most likely to advance, followed by the Czechs, Poland, and then Greece, the only team who do not control their own destiny, but it looks increasingly like the Poland-Czech Republic game will determine who advances along with Russia.

The winner of that game likely advances; a draw favors the Czechs, unless Poland can defeat Russia.

Below, more detailed scenarios for each squad:


-Win one game=advance

-Draw two games=advance

-Draw one and lose one=eliminated

Exception: Draw tonight, Lose versus Greece, Czechs and Poles draw (this scenario leads to a three-way tie-braker, in which Russia would advance, and would finish first unless they lost by 4 or more.)

-Lose both=eliminated

-Win tonight=clinch 1st place in group

-Win vs. Greece= clinch 1st place in group

Exception: Poland wins tonight, and beats the Czechs (Russia finishes 2nd)

-Draw two games

-Czech beats Poland=Russia finishes 2nd

-Czech, Poland tie= Russia 1st

-Poland wins= Russia, Poland tied for 1st

Czech Republic

-Advance with win over Poland

-Advance with draw against Poland

Exception: Poland wins against Russia

Exception: Tie tonight, Greece defeats Russia by one goal

First in Group If:

-Win, Russia fails to win either game

-Tie, Poland beats Russia, Greece ties with Russia


Advances If:

-Wins against Czechs

Exception: Lose tonight, Greece beats Russia (tie-braker with Greece)

-Wins tonight

Exception: Loses vs. Czech and Russia wins

Exception: Lose to Czech and Greece wins (tie-braker with Greece)

First In Group If:

-Win both games

-Win tonight, Draw against Czechs, Greece beats Russia

-Draw tonight, Win against Czechs, Greece defeats or ties with Russia


Advance If:

-Win, Poland wins twice

-Win, Poland-Russia draw, Czechs defeat Poland

-Win by two plus, ties in other games

Tie-braker with Poland:

-Win, Poland wins one game, and loses the other

Cannot finish first except by defeating Russia by four, and seeing the other two games end in draws.


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