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Mourinho’s next stop

1. Real Madrid: In all likeliness, Mourinho will stay at Real. However, the players and fans seem to be getting tired of him and he is getting tired of them. If he wins the Champions League or La Liga, he may decide to go out on top, and if he doesn’t win either one, Real might not want him back.

2. Chelsea: The players would gladly welcome him back and Abramovich would surely prefer him over RDM. Mourinho, though, isn’t the type of person who would want to return to a club, and Chelsea need a long-term overhaul. If Mourinho does leave Real, this is the only realistic option at the moment.

3. Portugal: Mourinho has also said he wants to lead his native country to an international trophy. Because of Euro 2012, it won’t happen this summer, but Mourinho will likely land here eventually.

4. Liverpool: This move hasn’t been mentioned before, but Dalglish will get fired at the end of the season. Mourinho could get attracted by the history, and the chance at becoming the club’s savior, if his other options don’t work out. It would be an intriguing move, but they are probably just too far down the table for this to happen.

5. Manchester United: Alex Ferguson will be the coach until he wants to be. But he has to retire someday, and who better than Mourinho to replace him?

Another Club? Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain will be mentioned, but both teams are doing too well to risk buying Mourinho. Tottenham’s Harry Redknapp is rumored to be leaving for England in the summer, but his coaching style is almost the opposite of Mourinho’s, and Spurs have had a very good pair of seasons.

The only major league Mourinho hasn’t coached in is Germany, and the Bayern Munich job could become available if Bayern don’t win any silverware for the second straight year. Once again, they are shockingly behind Borussia Dortmund in the league, and would have to get through Real and Barca to win the Champions League. It’s hard to imagine Jose taking charge of any other German club.

The Worst Jobs in Football

7. Palermo

6. Barcelona

5. Real Madrid

4. Atletico Madrid

3. Inter Milan: Another Inter coach, and still nobody can figure out how to stop what should be a world class defense from leaking goals. After somehow defeating Genoa in a wild 5-4 match, Stramaccioni’s second game in charge was a disappointing 2-2 draw with Cagliari. They are currently hosting Siena. How long will Stramaccioni stay in charge? Will there be anyone who wants to replace him?

2. Chelsea: When Andre Villas-Boas left Terry, Drogba, and Lampard on the bench against Napoli, it may have simply been an act of defiance, but it posed a key question: when will Chelsea rebuild? Meanwhile, while Abramovich sits in the owner’s box, no coach’s job is safe.

1. Neuchatel Xamax: Two words- Bulat Chagaev


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