Euro 2012 Group B Scenarios For Advancement

Germany beats Denmark, Holland beats Portugal by one: Germany 1st, Portugal 2nd

Germany wins, Holland wins by two or more: Germany 1st, Holland 2nd

Germany wins, Draw: Germany, Portugal

Germany wins, Portugal wins: Germany, Portugal

Draw, Holland: Germany, Denmark

Draw, Draw: Germany, Portugal

Draw, Portugal: Germany, Portugal

Denmark, Holland: Denmark, Germany

Denmark, Draw: Denmark, Germany

Denmark 1-0 win, Portugal: Portugal, Denmark

Denmark wins by two or more or 2-1, Portugal: Denmark, Portugal

Denmark 1 goal win while scoring at least three, Portugal: Denmark, Germany


Advances with a win or draw. Advances with loss, unless Portugal wins. Loss by one goal while scoring at least two will be enough to advance, no matter the Portugal score.


Advances with win, unless Denmark scores at least three and wins by one.

Advances with draw, unless Denmark wins.

Advances with one-goal loss if Germany wins.


Advances with win, advances with draw if Holland wins.


Advances only with two goal win (or more) and Germany win

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